ELS is a young company that has a team with more than 25 years of experience in the automotive locksmith area. We develop, manufacture and distrute a huge variety of products (ignition locks, door locks, ignition cable switch and more) for locksmith professionals and for the aftermarket. We have a ‘Research and Development’ department highly qualified to design our new projects which have guaranteed quality that make us unique in the locksmith market. We are supported by our clients opinions that are an important piece to keep a high quality level. The key of our success is innovation, we are always developing new products.


Intensify our company project and our brand to grow up and provide our clients the best products in the locksmith area. It is important to reach a high grade of our clients satisfaction to set a stable relationship with them and offering high quality so they will have confidence in our products. Our resilience to adapt our products to what our client needs is what make us different from the competitors and allow us to keep their trust. Moreover we try to reach the highest satisfaction level in people who work at the company, European Locksmith Supply, and our external collaborators and society.
Continue being one of the principal benchmark in the locksmith automotive area thanks to our hard work for more than 25 years. We want to continue as a benchmark in this area with our services, designs, innovation and technology. We were the first ones in bringing value to our clients with a unique quality and personalized service, guaranteeing a good performance since the first day.
We are committed with the company’s project, its vision and mission, making an effort everyday to reach our goals. Satisfaction and motivation of people is important so we promote participation, comunication and leadership. Our customer’s satisfaction is our future guaratee and our priority, as the stenghthening of our brand. Everything we do as a company wants to promote our values that define our identity as a company such as: innovation, commitment, quality and internationalization.

R & D

Vanguard designers. As manufacturers with our own ‘Research and Development’ department, ELS can guarantee developing an acurate, strong and safe product, according to all requirements of European Policy, and in order to satisfy the customers needs with a price as low as possible and quality that provides a good preformance and highly durability. Some of ‘R&D’ tasks: Design new innovative products. Update of our products according to market’s necessities. Improve the manufacture process in order to achieve a high quality level of our products.


Our best added value.

Engineers, technicians, sales representatives… ELS has a big human team with a huge experience. ELS has a modern factory and qualified human resources, and it also has a R&D department that verifies that products get into the market in the best conditions.

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